Sunday 11 May 2014

Bulk SMS alerts for schools - Best School SMS System, School SMS Software & Service - Parental Notification System SMS Alert for schools

Bulk SMS alerts for schools - Best School SMS System, School SMS Software & Service

Parental Notification System SMS Alert for schools

Meena Infotech - 
SMS Alert for schools
Make communicating with parents quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time and bags of cash!. Parentalert offers extensive SMS, IVRS and Auto Dialer service to schools and colleges. Using our unique SMS software, it is possible for the schools and colleges to communicate parents of students. The school and college can comunicate Exam / Test results, Homeworks, Attendance of the students, Holiday announcements, Meetings and important dates, Timetable, Fee details…..

Why Parent alert for schools

  • Initimating Attendance of the students
  • Initimating Homeworks for lower grades
  • Exam / Test results / Fee details
  • School circulars / Special announcements
  • Reduce costs (notably telephone bills)
  • More communication between teachers & parents
  • Reaching each parents with private & confidence

List of Documents Required

  • NDNC Declaration required on School’s / College’s letter head with the sign and stamp.
  • Opt -in form copy

6 Characters Sender ID
All schools and colleges are eligible to send sms with alpha sender id which needs to be minimum and maximum 6 characters long.

Transactional SMS Message Template
Every sms message will be delivered through our Open template route (free text) sms message template. Transactional Sms message template not required any approval, you can push only notice / information to the students and the teachers for example-

Dear Parents, School will remain closed on dt. Principal, School Name

Transactional SMS Message services can be availed for any schools, colleges, registered tutorials, etc., anywhere in India. 

For more info, call us on +91-9839120507 or email us at or for information on this visit our website -
We are leading Bulk Sms Alerts for Schools in Kanpur & We provide our service all around the world.

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  11. Keeping everyone connected is essential to effective communication. Keep parents informed about the performance of their child or alert staff, students and parents about important notices. Our SMS software can send out reminders for fees to be paid or send student performance reports directly to parents. Using our SMS alert Communicator Software is easier than ever and you can even send out customized messages to all staff, parents and students. In today’s technologically based society we can help you to keep up with the times and provide students, parents and staff with an easy to use convenient option for alerts and reminders.

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  21. This Parental Notification System SMS Alert by Meena Infotech seems like a game-changer for schools! With features like instant communication with parents, updates on attendance, homework, exams, and more, it's a convenient and efficient way to keep everyone in the loop. Plus, the ability to reduce costs and increase communication between teachers and parents is a huge plus. Overall, it sounds like a must-have for any school looking to streamline their communication processes.
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