Friday, 9 March 2018

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kanpur

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kanpur

Bulk SMS is one of the easiest ways to reach towards to your targeted audience in a moment. A powerful way of connecting people with the help of bulk SMS services in India. People find it the best way to grow their business online. Therefore lots of business owners hire Bulk SMS providers in India. They help to promote their business with bulk SMS service. By sending a single text in a shortest time which keeps clients and customer updated about their business information and new offers. It is a powerful solution for marketing worldwide. Help to connect with so many people by using short message services. By a single click anyone can send bulk messages across the world.

Bulk SMS services a professional way of branding your business across the world. Business owners are attracted more towards Bulk SMS providers in Kanpur, because in low cost they provide a massive communication. People are kept update about the latest offers, information, news anything just sending a single message.

India has population in billions and across millions of people has their own mobile phones. For marketing marketer targets their business audience according to their age. Bulk SMS service allows the best way to connect with the audiences of every age group. AS the marketing strategy is changing, Mobile marketing acquire its name in India because of the popularity of SMS services. And in India each age group is having their own mobile sets. Therefore by sending bulk SMS to thousands of people you can easily complete your goal. By SMS texting you send your service in every part with the help of mass communication.

Why hire Meena Infotech for bulk SMS in Kanpur:

Their service is reliable, provides complete user satisfaction.

Send messages to each medium like phone, mail and chat.

Real time delivery report

Cheapest prices for premium opertor gateway

We had a great team handle SMS service with an ease.

In today’s competitive world Bulk SMS services has become a trend for business. Business finds it the best way to complete their goals in limited time. Organizations promote their brands making promotional strategies. SMS services helps to maximize the profit in limited budgets. One of the best way to succeed in market by following these promotional activities.


Delivery on DND & Non-DND Mobile Numbers, with 6 character Sender-Id ( AM-MEENAI)

160 Charchter SMS

Unlimited Validity

Unlimited Sender-ID

Address Book

Open Template

Dynamic SMS


Genuine Report

Recharge Log



Delivery on Non-DND Mobile Numbers, with 6 character Sender-Id ( AM-MEENAI)

Open Template

Unlimited Validity

Unlimited Sender-ID

Unicode Supported

Excel Plugin

CSV/Excel Dynamic SMS


Real Time Report

Recharge Log

SMS Features

Premium Operator

Open Template

Unlimited Sender-ID


24 hrs support

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