Wednesday 16 September 2020

Take Your #Business Online For Just Rs.4999/-☑️

Take Your #Business Online For Just Rs.4999/-☑️
1. .com #Domain (other extensions as per the market price)
2. 1GB Hosting Space
3. 5 Page Website (extra page Rs.500/-)
4. 1 Google Form in website
5. Whatsapp Integration from website
6. 3 Email IDs with your domain name
7. Free Facebook Page Setup
8. Digital Business Card
9. Payment Gateway Integration to collect payments directly from website

Click here to make payment -

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  2. I used to be in business, too. Until I started trading, if you get into it and do it with your head, you can make money on it, and the bigger the budget, the more money you make. You don't need 10 sites to keep track of coinigy charts, you just need 1 app.

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